A Small But Kind Act

A Small But Kind Act, by Medini Richardson

I volunteer as a Buddhist chaplain at a renowned children’s hospital , on my weekly visit to my regular ward I went to an isolation cubicle to chat to the mum who was holding a very small and sick 7 month baby. We chatted and got along really well. They were going to be in for a long time, several operations had already been performed on the dear baby, she was coping with this and another child of 6 years on her own. The father showed minimal interest rarely visiting, whilst she lived either in the isolation cubicle or in hospital accommodation only leaving the baby when she had to. Her dedication, selflessness, devotion and love for her baby was as with most parents I have seen immense.
It turned out that she spent her birthday in hospital, an intense environment with little to bring her joy or comfort ( hopefully this is where chaplains make a difference). When I visited her again that same day she had a lovely box of chocolates she said was given to her as a present from a workman doing some electrical repairs on the ward. He had said she needed some attention and care. I will always remember his kindness and sensitivity to this lady , a stranger, but he felt that bond that links us all and this simple act of compassion made her feel valued and special for even a short time. I feel that these small acts of Metta are beautiful and make life tolerable in hard times.

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