Originally, I wanted a place to post my Abhidhamma Articles, so I placed them in my Google Drive and made them public. However, as I updated the PDF, a new file link was created each time and I did not like that. I then asked a monastic senior friend if he would give me some space on his server so people could download my PDF. He agreed and made a redirected website called Subhuti.net.tf which is available without registration fees. This was sort of fun and worked well for a few months until ads started to pop up. Nothing provided by commercial companies are really for free. After some deliberation, I decided to get a real website.

Originally, I did not want my name used as a website name, but it was done and I used it. To be honest, it was sort of fun, but nothing a monk should really do for himself. When I decided to make a new website, I had the chance to choose a name unrelated to my own. I decided “WithMetta.net” would be a good name since “with metta” is how we Buddhists often sign our emails on the line above our names. I never checked to see if “withlovingkindness” was available although it was my second choice. Metta means Loving-kindness in the ancient Theravada Buddhist Pāli Language.

After the website was registered and created, it seemed like I should do something related the name. Logically, posting stories about acts of kindness came to mind. While “Metta” is a keyword to know that it is related to Theravada, the selection of that word was based on having a website for my Theravada writings. Metta or Loving-kindness is universal and anyone can participate, write or read the stories.

I wish you well,

With Metta,

Bhikkhu Subhūti

I still will be posting my writings on this website

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