Thumbs Up For Hitchhiking

Thumbs Up For Hitchhiking I remember when I was fourteen or so, some time in the mid eighties, when I started to test the realm beyond my parents’ advice. At that time, we had just moved to a new area in town and I decided to explore a bit with a visiting friend of mine….

The Vote Was Nay

          “The Vote Was Nay” By Randy, The Auto Worker For many years I have wanted to see Myanmar (Burma). I have never travelled outside of North America, and in my daily life, I am for the most part a homebody/recluse.  In fact, fear has kept me from doing many things…

Ticket To Ride

I remember when I was in Colombo, Sri Lanka taking a bus in order to renew my visa at the immigration office.     In Sri Lanka, they have special coupons for monks to ride on the government “red buses” for free. However, the local buses in Colombo are rarely rarely government buses. A friend…

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