More Than Just a Kauai Bus Driver

The Kauai Bus

I overheard the bus driver telling this amazing story about his generosity to another passenger and afterwards, I asked him to tell me his story as an audio recording for this website. 

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This 6 minute story shows how kind a bus driver can be on his way home from work.  He saw some stranded travelers who had a string of bad luck and reached out to give them a helping hand to literally get them off the ground.  Below is the story from Manuel Taniguchi, who works for The Kauai Bus Company.  He is known on the island as “The Best Bus Driver”  and his Aloha Spirit is known by most people who regularly ride the buses.  This story is spoken in his own voice.   Running time is 6:40.  Enjoy!


The Kauai Bus (side)

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