Submit your Story

Submit Your Story

We hope that you can submit your story.  They can be simple and short stories and do not feel intimidated by the quality of your writing or even the quality of the story.  We want to hear a story that has touched your heart and that would be fun to share.  The main idea is to express and share something nice you did to others and in other cases, to express what other people have done to you.

The slogan is:  Everybody has a story and if you don't have one, go out and get one!

You may submit Audio or Video formats as well.  Please send the file or link to "bksubhuti" *at* the gmail-email-server.  If it is too big to send, you can upload anything any size to for free and then send a link.

This website always needs new stories in order to exist. When you write a story, new people come. These new people write new stories and others will come too who can write stories.

On the virtues of loving kindness and share that merit with others

Write down your story to inspire others to do the same.

No Limit
Loving Kindness has no limit and there is no limit to how many stories you can submit.

No Job Too Small
Every good deed counts and deserves recognition. There is no size requirement to describe such a deed. If you did some random act that takes only three lines to describe, we want to hear it!

Don't Worry
Let the loving-kindness be what shines through. Do not worry about the quality of writing. Just do it. We can help edit, but let the kindness shine though the literary skills. This website is geared toward nonprofessional stories and to recognize the little guy (and big ones too).

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