The Results of a Metta Practitioner

The Results of a Metta Practitioner Story From Mae Chee Punnisa Since 2009, Bhante Aggacitta has taught me the metta meditation. At that time, I was still a lay person. Family was against my becoming a nun. Bhante said: “Visualise all members of the family as well and happy, then radiate metta to them again…

A Wholesome Snack

It was an evening about 3 pm when we were on our way home. Me and my two sons. We have this small cafeteria close to our house and usually we stop by to pick up some snacks for tea in the evenings. My sons remained inside the rickshaw and I went inside the cafe….

A Different Kind of View

A Different Kind of View Several years ago, I was working with a client (I am a psychotherapist).  He was a man in his late 50’s who was working with me around a number of issues including dealing with painful and debilitating headaches of an unknown medical origin.  He had spent many days in pain…

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