Wide And Shining Eyes

Wide And Shining Eyes

It was in 2011 when I came with my ex-wife to Myanmar.  In Yangon, there are many begging children that sell postcards on the streets and near the tourist areas.  Knowing this beforehand, I used to carry some sweets with me to give them instead of money.

As you know, their parents send them to do this kind of work and they often earn pretty good money compared with the parents’ simple, hard labor on the field or in construction.  So the fathers often stay at home and let the children work in the streets selling postcards.  They never go to school and get proper jobs and the cycle continues .

Giving them money is harming the child and the family.  So what to do?  When these innocent, and sweet eyes look at you, you want to help them, but not in the wrong way.

When we met one of the “postcard children” on the street that day, she told us she was very hungry and needed money.  We were just on the way to an Indian restaurant, so we decided to invite her for lunch with us!  At first, she hesitated a little bit, but after some time and talking with her, she lost her fear and agreed to come.   When we arrived, we told her she could order whatever she wanted and in any quantity too.  I will never forget her wide and shining eyes when we told her that.

She ordered quite a bit of food and enjoyed it with great pleasure.  During the meal, she told us about her life.  Her English was very good for a young street child.  As often is the case, they are very smart.  After she finished, she put some of the leftover food in the bag for her family.  She was a good child 😉

With Metta,

Ashin Mokkhita


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